Born: In Pasadena

Hair: "That was a good musical!"

Eyes: "I haven't seen that movie"

Hobbies: Sailing

Instruments played: Didgeridoo, Bass, Piano, Penny Whistle, Saxophone, PansyAssed Synth,
"...and anything I can find lying around the house!"

Influences: My Mother

Ambitions: To be a singer

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Ice-Cream from Rite Aid

Drinks: Hot Toddy

Magazines: I unfortunately I don't read magazines much

Albums: The Black and Saint Sinner Lady by Mingus, Avalon by Roxy Music, Borboletta by Santana 

Song: White Bird by It's a Beautiful Day

First Concert: Count Basie

Books: The Fountainhead by Ann Rand

T.V.: Santa Monica Community Channel

Films: Bladerunner, It's a Wonderful Life

Actors: Nicholas Cage

Actress: Wynonna Ryder

Writers: Reverend Robert Doss

Places: Chesapeake Bay


Groups: The Dave Brubeck Quartet, The Paul Winter Consort

Singers: Dexter Gordon -"I'm a Sax Player - Where is the Favorite Sax Player section?
This questionnaire is biased!"

Song Writer: Antonio Carlos Jobim

Composers: Duke Ellington, Frank Martin

Song for a rainy day: "It doesn't rain in LA"

Song to get you going on a Saturday Night: Ran Kan Kan

Song to make Love to: "I don't listen to music at that time, I make my own."

Hero: Shark

Heroine: Angela

Other Comments: "I Love this Band!"

Anything Else: "Uh, Don't Forget Some Pretzels!"

What would you do if you ruled the World?: Provide more support for mental illness.

What you'd like to see in the new Century?: Peace, Love and Understanding

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